Ron Hinkle

  Plectrum Banjoist Ron Hinkle grew up in a banjo playing family, where the four-string banjo and the music of the 1920’s was perfectly natural.  After playing what he calls “Pizza Parlor Revival” banjo music, he discovered other music and has become an accomplished “Classic Banjo” player.  The British music publishers, Clifford Essex, hired Ron … Continue reading Ron Hinkle

Johnny St. Cyr

Starting his musical career in the early 1900’s, Johnny St. Cyr is one of the original pioneers of jazz music.  He played with the best of them; Baby Dodds, Johnny Dodds, King Oliver, Kid Ory, Jelly Roll Morton, and Louis Armstrong.  He is the banjo player on all of the original Hot Five, and Hot … Continue reading Johnny St. Cyr