Banjo Jimmy LaRou

Stumbling around the internet for banjo music, you might come accross an album or two by a guy called Banjo Jimmy.  His CD’s “Playing Songs to Remember” or “Favorites of New Orleans” are quite wonderful with his style appropriately dubbed “folk ragtime.” He sings and plays 4-string tenor banjo in the New Orleans tradition, but does a … Continue reading Banjo Jimmy LaRou

The Banjo Drum Set

“The banjo drum set is an unnecessary, but inevitable, instrument of the modern convenience era” -Richard Bogen Any combination of banjos, drums, and metal objects you hit with your hands, sticks, feet, mallets, etc. is your banjo drum set.  Set it up any way you like.  P Experiment with different tunings and extended techniques.  Prepare your banjos … Continue reading The Banjo Drum Set