Eddy Davis

Eddy Davis “The Manhattan Minstrel” was a musician’s musician.  Someone who’s dedication and passion for the music could be felt in his performance on and off stage.  His style on tenor banjo was not of the flashy pyrotechnic nature.  He possessed a swinging feel that sounded true, relaxed, beautiful, and intelligent.  He was an active … Continue reading Eddy Davis

Don Vappie

Don Vappie is a New Orleans banjo player, carrying on the tradition while embracing all his musical influences.  With a particularly funky touch, and a warm tone on his open-back OME tenor, Don makes the banjo sound real pretty. You can find Don Vappie playing solo banjo in the French Quarter every Friday 4pm-7pm at … Continue reading Don Vappie

Eugene Chadbourne

The Boogie Banjoist values musicians who pave there own path.  People who make creative choices, eclectic individuals who are not bound by the public perceptions of our instrument.  You will have a tough time finding a more eclectic musician than Eugene Chadbourne (aka Doc Chad).  His songwriting is both clever and poignant, his improvised music … Continue reading Eugene Chadbourne

Ron Hinkle

  Plectrum Banjoist Ron Hinkle grew up in a banjo playing family, where the four-string banjo and the music of the 1920’s was perfectly natural.  After playing what he calls “Pizza Parlor Revival” banjo music, he discovered other music and has become an accomplished “Classic Banjo” player.  The British music publishers, Clifford Essex, hired Ron … Continue reading Ron Hinkle

Snuffy Jenkins

The proto-Scruggs picker DeWitt “Snuffy” Jenkins played authentic traditional banjo while innovating the styles that paved the way for the bluegrass banjo sound that came out of the 1940’s.   Snuffy has got a little funk and bounce to his music that will make anybody smile.  Like many old banjo players, he learned clawhammer and … Continue reading Snuffy Jenkins

Dink Roberts

  Dink Roberts is everything you could ever want out of a classic old-time banjo player.  His style is raw and unpredictable.  His singing has character and is full of humor.  It sounds like he’s from another time, and he never was recorded in a studio or on a stage.  Listening to him sing his … Continue reading Dink Roberts

Banjo Jimmy LaRou

Stumbling around the internet for banjo music, you might come accross an album or two by a guy called Banjo Jimmy.  His CD’s “Playing Songs to Remember” or “Favorites of New Orleans” are quite wonderful with his style appropriately dubbed “folk ragtime.” He sings and plays 4-string tenor banjo in the New Orleans tradition, but does a … Continue reading Banjo Jimmy LaRou

The Banjo Drum Set

“The banjo drum set is an unnecessary, but inevitable, instrument of the modern convenience era” -Richard Bogen Any combination of banjos, drums, and metal objects you hit with your hands, sticks, feet, mallets, etc. is your banjo drum set.  Set it up any way you like.  P Experiment with different tunings and extended techniques.  Prepare your banjos … Continue reading The Banjo Drum Set

Eddie Peabody

Peabody Style If you were a person uninitiated in the way of the plectrum banjo, your path would quickly lead you to the music of Eddie Peabody.  Peabody is the only name other than Scruggs to be commonly attached to the word “style” the world over, dubbing the popular playing fashion “Peabody Style.” Of course, in … Continue reading Eddie Peabody

Georgette Twain

“The Queen of the Banjo”     After the new year, the sad news came that banjo hall of fame member Georgette Twain passed away.  Her career in the 50’s included the album “Let My Banjo Sing,” television appearances, and her title of “Queen of the Banjo”.  Georgette has an almost indescribable aura to her. … Continue reading Georgette Twain